Wisdom From the Universe: What Are the Desires of Your Heart?

What do you think about that feels deeply moving from within you, something you want with all of your heart and being? Is it a condition outside of your normal existence that you see and cannot change, but you wish somehow you could make a change? Or is it something more personal, related to your life, relationship, hopes, dreams, goals, career, or what you want to become or do in life?

We go about our lives and experience a wide range of emotions, depending upon the circumstances we experience and those whom we interact with through our jobs and daily lives. But most of us carry something deep within us, a desire so personal that it feels as if it is connected to our heart, as it seems to come from within. If this feeling is too strong and too powerful, some people may bury it or try to forget about it. If you want something so badly and it becomes an impossible goal to ever achieve, this vision which once gave powerful feelings of hope, can eventually turn into a reminder of a devastating and unfulfilled failure.

Consider the person who has struggled to get by in life and now finds they are living on the street or in a shelter. Now they are stripped of humanity and dignity, according to society’s definition of normal, and they are looked down upon as somehow being less than. This person has a desire to change, yet they also may become a victim of their circumstances. And there are many people who witness the struggles of the homeless and have a strong desire to help change their situation but cannot find a solution.

There are also strong desires related to personal matters, such as a person who has been trapped in a career for most of their adult life and cannot find a way to make a change no matter how hard they try. This person has sought professional development and gained advanced experience; yet finds one year after another passing by without any acknowledgement or interest from other employers. The hope for a career change is so strong it eventually transitions from motivation to frustration and then anger.

Then there is a person who is in a relationship with someone that was built upon a foundation of love, connection, and trust. Yet after many years the love is still there, but the connection is not fully flowing and it creates a sense of tension, disappointment, frustration, and separation. There is a wish for reconciliation held by the one who is primarily sustaining the relationship, yet it may be hard to bear at times when there are powerful memories of love to draw upon which cannot be realized in the present.

All of these scenarios are very real and experienced in varying degrees by many people. They represent the ways in which external and internal circumstances can affect us in such a way we feel it in our very core. And when a desire like this is so deep, and it is held so close to our heart or energetic core, how can a person go about their every day as if everything is simply alright? If there is something you want that much, and you are having to wait on it or for it, how do you go about your normal everyday life?

As a teacher of Laws of the Universe, I know we have already established a plan for our lives before taking on this physical form. Yet I wanted to know more about the wisdom I could share with those who have such strong wishes, as telling someone to just wait for their life’s plan to unfold would not be comforting to them.

This is what I explored as I was connected to the Collective Consciousness of mankind and higher order Universal Wisdom. I will share with you the wisdom I have gained about living with the desires of your heart.

A universal truth is this: Every human being has a mind for logical thinking and a heart for feeling. Mankind has assigned love and associated feelings to the heart as the emotional center of the body is the location of where those feelings are experienced.

It isn’t the heart that is feeling something, it is the energetic core of the body. This is why the feelings of love, which are some of the most powerful energetic feelings, appear to be felt in the heart. But love isn’t the only emotion experienced in the energy center. This is where desires are deeply held as they are so strong of an emotion.

What Are Desires?

Desires are of the same energetic strength as love. It is a signal. It is a message that resonates throughout the energetic essence of a person. It starts out positive. Positive emotions, like love, provide the clearest access and transmission or connection to the source of life energy. When a person is experiencing positive emotions, they are more open to receiving insight and wisdom.

A desire is a positive feeling at first. It signals a hope for change or a time of taking action. This state of mind helps to better attune the natural connection held to the source of life energy. What is experienced or felt at first will likely cause the person to do something, even if it involves goal-setting. It may also be felt deeply as the focus of what is wanted resonates with the person’s life plan in some manner. This may reveal a phase in their life plan to proceed with or to follow now. Whatever it may be, there is a new awareness now of something wanted and life cannot be accepted as it is now.

A Two-Edge Sword

For many people, especially those who develop deeply felt desires, they will take some type of action and feel good as progress is being made. Yet wanting something in this manner can be a two-edge sword. If something wanted is acted upon, or being worked towards, and nothing is changing to make it a reality, the original positive feelings may lead to negativity. An unfulfilled wish can feel like a broken heart or a heartache, especially for someone who has spent many years trying to obtain what was wanted. The bigger the unfulfilled wish, the greater the heartache can be felt within.

Are Your Desires Realistic?

Everyone has a capacity to wish for something or someone else. We all dream for many things throughout our lives. There are no rules regarding what you can or cannot desire. No one is controlling your mind. You can imagine, dream, hope, and wish for anything.

When a person deeply wishes for something and it does not come to them, no matter how much they hope for it, visualize it, work for it, or try for it, what is this person supposed to think or believe? Perhaps they have been trying to make a relationship work, change their job or career, or find a relationship, but it never happened for them.

When something is wanted, felt deeply, and is not coming into fruition, the most important question to ask is: Is this realistic?

If a person can honestly assess a desire in this manner, then they will know how to frame it. If it is not realistic, can it be changed? If so, what can be done to change it? If it is not realistic and cannot be changed, should it be replaced with a new dream? If you discover your dream is not realistic, and all it is doing is causing you grief or pain, is it really beneficial for you to hold onto it any longer?

Just because you desire something does not mean others will conform to what you want. This is why relationships change. One person may hold a strong wish for the relationship to be functioning in a particular manner but the other person is not of the same mindset and this causes a disconnection. This is also why significant societal changes do not occur quickly. What one person sees as injustice and believes it must be changed or fixed right away, this may be viewed differently by someone else.

What To Do When Wishes Do Not Come True

When there are wishes or dreams which touch you deeply, follow this approach to turning a feeling into something you can work with: First, assess the realistic nature of what it is you are feeling so strongly about. Then assess the probability of your ability of accomplishing, receiving, or acquiring what it is you want. Next, place what you want into a goal, either short-term, mid-term, or long-term. This will allow you to determine what to do to turn this wish into a call to action.

As you work through this process you will soon discover whether or not this was a true desire of the heart. If it was a deeply felt wish, from the energy core of your body and being, it means there is something which resonates with your life’s plan. Then instead of taking any form of action, or just allowing yourself to feel the dream and taking no action, you are now forming proactive steps forward. This will crate a positive experience from the desire and positive feelings within. You will be attuned with a stronger frequency and now you will know why it can feel good to dream.

You should never be afraid to dream or hold desires which touch the very core of your being. But when those wishes and what you hope for cause you to feel negative emotions, it means you have not yet established a realistic plan to achieve what you want. This is not to say you should ever limit your dreams. Just keep in mind: The bigger the dream, the bigger the plan you will need. You will only be in a state of mind to find the inspiration, insight, and wisdom you need when you are feeling positive emotions. This is the purpose of creating a plan of action and changing your focus. You can change your perspective and change your frame of mind.

Take the strong energetic core of your being and use it to inspire new action and reach for whatever you dream. Listen for the inner voice of wisdom within you, as you are connected to the most powerful source of all knowledge, the energy source of life. You are a powerful creator and you can feel good about life, no matter what the present circumstances may be, because you are always connected to the source of life and love.

Dr. Bruce A. Johnson is an inspirational author, writer, and teacher. His advanced education, background, experience, and training are within the field of adult education and distance learning. Dr. J now shares his most important work with his unique ability to gain insight and wisdom as a teacher of Laws of the Universe. Dr. J’s new book, Discover Laws of the Universe: Your Guide to Personal and Spiritual Transformation, is now available.

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